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The StartBuilding® Platform offers a suitable solution for starting, inviting and building together, in a simple way that respects the needs of each stakeholder.


The StartBuilding® Platform opens up information silos, frees up the flow of data from multiple sources and software, in particular 3D digital models, thereby enabling all stakeholders to benefit from a unified information


The StartBuilding® Platform makes it possible, at any time and for each speaker, to invite participants, define organisational roles specific to each project and join teams so that all stakeholders can communicate efficiently.


Thanks to its technological advances, the StartBuilding® Platform enables each participant to participate gently but effectively in the constant and inevitable evolution of current and future challenges.

Agile flow

StartBuilding® is an intelligent Platform that is designed to learn and provide you with ever more complete, reliable and relevant information throughout your Construction projects.


  • Project management
  • Institutions and administrations


  • Companies
  • Users
  • Project control


  • Site management